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Peerayes Varitpaveeradit

Work At. : Siam Sport Syndicate Public Co.,Ltd.

website ibargame start on 2006 when i like and crazy to play game online and i start first job at company of the gameonline after two year i change my life go to webmaster and start create banner for website now i join and work at company who made and develop for website only. Ryan Whether you want a basic print ,brochure ,website or advanced back-end database and application development for your website, Ryan can provide you with logically and visually stimulating solutions for you or your organization needs. No budget is too small, just let ibargame know and he'll make it happen. Employ his talents. You wouldn't be disappointed.
Internet Websites/applications design and development using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and CSS. Layout design and convert it into HTML using Dreamweaver. Experience in SEO & CMS website. Self-motivated and team player. Ability to do web site production work Combination of professional and software Industry experience. Visit my Blog

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